So where would you want to dine today? Would it be right on the beach, soaking the sea breeze, sinking your feet in powdery white sand with a view of the blue skies and turquoise waters? How about enjoying authentic Spanish fare in our airy, open dining area while watching the beach crowd walk by? Or maybe, you feel like staring at the night sky while sipping your favorite wine.

At Cozina, you have a variety of dining options to choose from.

Our restaurant at the ground floor makes for convivial dining any time of the day or night. We have tables as well as lounge chairs right on the beach for alfresco dining, as well as parties and gatherings. For intimate gatherings and functions, our rooftop bar is a great place for cocktails, dinner or after-dinner parties.
We offer banquet services served in set or buffet style and bar service good for up to forty guests in our rooftop lounge and up to a hundred guests in our main and outdoor dining areas.


Boracay is over five thousand miles away from Spain but the food here in Cozina wouldn’t feel out of place in a restaurant in Madrid.
We know only one way to prepare and serve our dishes -the authentic way. It’s little surprise that our restaurant has become a favorite among gourmets and foodies, a must-stop for Boracay habitués.